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2020 Publications

1. Jiahua Dong, Yang Cong*,Gan Sun,Bineng Zhong, Xiaowei Xu,What Can Be Transferred: Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Endoscopic Lesions Segmentation (CVPR 2020)

2.Gan Sun, Yang Cong*, Qianqian Wang, Jun Li, Yun Fu, Lifelong Spectral Clustering (AAAI2020)

3.Tao Zhang, Yang Cong*, Gan Sun, Qianqian Wang, Zhengming Ding, Visual Tactile Fusion Object Clustering (AAAI2020)

4.Dongdong Hou, Yang Cong*, Gan Sun, Jiahua Dong, Jun Li, Kai Li, Fast Multi-View Outlier Detection via Deep Encoder, IEEE Transactions on Big Data

5.Gan Sun, Yang Cong*, Yulun Zhang, Guoshuai Zhao, Yun Fu,Continual Multiview Task Learning via Deep Matrix Factorization, TNNLS

6.Hongsen Liu, Yang Cong*, Gan Sun, Robust 3-D Objection via View-Specific Constraint, IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems

2019 Publications

1.Jiahua Dong, Yang Cong*,Gan Sun,Dongdong Hou,Semantic-Transferable Weakly-Supervised Endoscopic Lesions Segmentation (ICCV 2019) code&data

2. Hongsen Liu, Yang Cong*, Chenguang Yang, Yandong Tang, Efficient 3D Object Recognition via Geometric Information Preservation, Pattern Recognition, 2019

3. Changjun Gu, Yang Cong*, Gan Sun Environment Driven Underwater Camera-IMU Calibration for Monocular Visual-Inertial SLAM,ICRA 2019 , pp. 2405-2411

4. Yuyang Liu, Yang Cong*, Gan Sun , Memory-Based Parameterized Skills Learning for Mapless Visual Navigation, ICIP 2019, pp.1890-1894

2018 Publications

1. Chenguang Yang, Chao Zeng, Yang Cong, Ning Wang, Min Wang, A Learning Framework of Adaptive Manipulative Skills from Human to Robot, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, 2018

2. Yang Cong, Dongying Tian, Yun Feng, Haibin Yu, Speedup 3D Texture-less Object Recognition against Self-occlusion for Intelligent Manufacturing, IEEE Transaction on Cybernetics (Major Revision)

3. Gan Sun, Yang Cong*, Dongdong Hou, Xiaowei Xu, Lifelong Metric Learning, IEEE Transaction on Cybernetics, 2018

4. Gan Sun, Yang Cong*, Dongdong Hou, Xiaowei Xu, Sparse Multi-Task Learning via Nonconvex Regularization, Pattern Recognition Letter (Major Revision)

5. Baojie Fan, Yang Cong, Dual Graph Regularized Discriminative Multi-task Tracker, IEEE Trans. On Multimedia, 2018

6. Gan Sun, Yang Cong*, Dongdong Hou, Xiaowei Xu, Haibin Yu, Joint Household Characteristic Prediction via Smart Meter Data, IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, 2018

7. Yang Cong*, Gan Sun, Ji Liu, Haibin Yu, Jiebo Luo, User Attribute Discovery with Missing Labels, Pattern Recognition, 33-46, 2018

8. Gan Sun, Yang Cong, Xiaowei Xu, Active Lifelong Learning with "Watchdog", AAAI 2018

9. Yang Cong*, Ji Liu, Baojie Fan, Peng Zeng, Haibin Yu, Jiebo Luo, Online Similarity Learning for Big Data with Overfitting, IEEE Transactions on Big Data, v4, issue 1, p78-89, 2018

2017 Publications

1. Baojie Fan, Yang Cong, Layered Multi-task Tracker via Spatial-temporal Laplacian Graph, IEEE Signal Processing Letters, v 24, issue:12, pp 1768-1772, 2017

2. Baojie Fan, Yang Cong, Yandong Tang, Consistent Multi-layer Subtask Tracker Via Hyper-graph Regularization, Pattern Recognition, 2017

3. Yang Cong*, Ji Liu, Gan Sun, Quanzeng You, Yuncheng Li, Jiebo Luo, Adaptive Greedy Dictionary Selection for Web Media Summarization, IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 26(1): 185-195, 2017

4. Shuai Wang, Yang Cong*, Huijie Fan, Baojie Fan, Lianqing Liu, Yunsheng Yang, Yandong Tang, Huaici Zhao, Haibin Yu, Multi-class Latent Concept Pooling for Computer-Aided Endoscopy Diagnosis, ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications, and Applications (TOMM), Volume 13 Issue 2, March 2017

5. Yang Cong, Baojie Fan, Kaizhou Liu, Huijie Fan, Unusual Event Analysis for Deep Sea Submersible, IEEE ARM, p525-530, 2017

6. Hongsen Liu, Yang Cong*, Shuai Wang, Huijie Fan, Dongying Tian, Yandong Tang, Deep Learning of Directional Truncated Signed Distance Function for Robust 3D Object Recognition, IEEE IROS 2017

7. Hongsen Liu, Yang Cong*, Yandong Tang, Deep learning of volumetric representation for 3D object recognition, YAC 2017

8. Qiang Wang, Huijie Fan, Yang Cong and Yandong Tang. "Large receptive field convolutional neural network for image super-resolution". In ICIP, pp. 958-962, 2017

9. Qiang Wang, Huijie Fan, Yang Cong and Yandong Tang. "Single Image Super-resolution Using Spatial Transformer Networks". In IEEE CYBER, pp. 564-567, 2017

10. Jialin Shi, Lianqing Liu, Peng Yu, Yang Cong Hardness determination at nanoscale by ultrasonic vibration-assisted AFM, IEEE Conference on Manipulation, Automation and Robotics at Small Scales (MARSS), pp 1-5, 2017

11. Jialin Shi, Lianqing Liu, Peng Yu, Yang Cong, and Guangyong Li, Phase shifting-based debris effect detection in USV-assisted AFM nanomachining, Applied Surface Science, Vol. 4 pp. 317–326, 2017

2016 Publications

1. Shuai Wang, Yang Cong*, Huijie Fan, Lianqing Liu, Xiaoqiu Li, YunshengYang, Yandong Tang, Huaici Zhao, Haibin Yu, Computer-Aided Endoscopic Diagnosis Without Human Specific Labeling, IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, 63(11): 23470-2358, 2016

2. Yang Cong*, Shuai Wang, Baojie Fan, Yunsheng Yang, Haibin Yu, UDSFS: Unsupervised Deep Sparse Feature Selection, Neurocomputing, 196: 150-158, 2016

3. Shuai Wang, Yang Cong*, Jun Cao, Yandong Tang, Huaici Zhao, Yunsheng Yang, Haibin Yu, Scalable gastroscopic video summarization via similar-inhibition dictionary selection, Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, v66, pp 1013, 2016

4. Baojie Fan, Yang Cong, Xiaomao Li, Yandong Tang, Structured low rank tracker with smoothed regularization[C]//Visual Communications and Image Processing (VCIP), 2016. IEEE, 2016: 1-4.

5. Jialin Shi, Lianqing Liu, Peng Yu, Yang Cong: A design of phase-closed-loop nanomachining control based ultrasonic vibration-assisted AFM. IROS 2016: 5193-5198

6. Changjun Gu, Dongying Tian, Yang Cong, Yanzhu Zhang, Shuai Wang,Flame detection based on Spatio-Temporal Covariance matrix,IEEE 2016 International Conference on Advanced Robotics and Mechatronics (ICARM), 2016

2015 Publications

1. Quanzeng You, Liangliang Cao, Yang Cong, Xianchao Zhang and Jiebo Luo. A Multifaceted Approach to Social Multimedia-based Prediction of Elections. IEEE Trans. On Multimedia, v17, issue 12, pp 2271-2280, 2015.

2. Yang Cong*, Haifeng Gong, Yandong Tang, Shuzhi Sam Ge, Jiebo Luo, Real-time One-dimensional Motion Estimation and its Application in Computer Vision, Machine Vision and Application, v26, issue 5, p633-648, 2015

3. Huijie Fan, Yang Cong*, Yandong Tang, Object detection based on scale-invariant partial shape matching, Machine Vision and Application, v26, Issue 6, p 711-721, 2015

4. Yang Cong*, Baojie Fan, Ji Liu, Jiebo Luo, Haibin Yu, Speeded up Low Rank Online Metric Learning for Object Tracking, IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, v25, issue 6, p922-934, 2015

5. Yang Cong*, Shuai Wang, Ji Liu, Jun Cao, Yunsheng Yang, Jiebo Luo, Deep Sparse Feature Selection for Computer Aided Endoscopy Diagnosis, Pattern Recognition, Volume 48, Issue 3, March 2015, Pages 907-917

5. Hongsen Liu, Shuai Wang, Dongying Tian, Dawei Yang, Yang Cong and Yandong Tang, Non-rigid point matching via genetic algorithm searching[C]//Image and Signal Processing (CISP), 2015 8th International Congress on. IEEE, 2015: 664-669.

7. Yuncheng Li, Yang Cong, Tao Mei, and Jiebo Luo. "User-Curated Image Collections: Modeling and Recommendation." IEEE International Conference on Big Data (BigData), pp 591-560, October 2015

8. Shuai Wang, Yang Cong, Huijie Fan, Huaici Zhao, Yandong Tang, Haibin Yu, Computer Aided Endoscope Diagnosis Via Weakly Labeled Data Mining; IEEE ICIP, 2015: 3072-3076.

2014 Publications

1. Yang Cong, Ji Liu, Junsong Yuan, Jiebo Luo, "Low-Rank Online Metric Learning", in Yun Fu, Low-Rank and Sparse Modeling for Visual Analysis, Springer, 2014 (Book Chapter) .

2. Yang Cong, Ji Liu, Junsong Yuan, Jiebo Luo, Low-Rank Online Metric Learning, Page 203-233, in Yun Fu, Low-Rank and Sparse Modeling for Visual Analysis, Springer, 2014 ISBN: 978-3-319-11999-1 (Print) 978-3-319-12000-3 (Online)

3. Baojie Fan, Yang Cong, Yingkui Du, Discriminative Multi-Task Object Tracking with Active Feature Selection and Drift Correction, Pattern Recognition, 47 (12), 3828-3840, 2014

4. Baojie Fan, Hao Gao, Yang Cong, Yingkui Du, Yangdong Tang. Online learning a High-Quality Dictionary and Classifier Jointly for Multitask Object Tracking, IEEE MultiMedia, v 21, issue 4, 56-66, 2014

5. Baojie Fan, Yingkui Du, Yang Cong, Online Learning Discriminative Dictionary with Label Information for Robust Object Tracking, Abstract and Applied Analysis, 2014

6. Baojie Fan, Jing Sun, Yang Cong, Yingkui Du, A Unified Online Dictionary Learning Framework with Label Information for Robust Object Tracking, ICPR, pp 2311-2316, 2014

7. Shuai Wang, Dongying Tian, Yang Cong, Yunsheng Yang, Yandong Tang, Huaici Zhao, Automatic Gastroscopy Video Quality Assessment, ROBIO, 2014

2013 Publications

1. Baojie Fan, Yang Cong,Yingkui Du: Robust and accurate online pose estimation algorithm via efficient three-dimensional collinearity model. IET Computer Vision, 7(5), pp. 382 – 393, ( 2013)

2. Yang Cong*, Junsong Yuan, Yandong Tang, Video Anomaly Search in Crowded Scenes via Spatio-Temporal Motion Context, IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics & Security, v 8, issue 10, pp 1590-1599, October 2013

3. Yang Cong*, Ji Liu, Junsong Yuan, Jiebo Luo, Self-supervised Online Metric Learning with Low Rank Constraint for Scene Categorization, IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, v22, n 8, pp 3179 - 3191, 2013

4. Yang Cong*, Junsong Yuan, Ji Liu, Abnormal Event Detection in Crowded Scenes using Sparse Representation, Pattern Recognition, 46, pp 1851-1864, 2013

2012 Publications

1. Yang Cong*, Junsong Yuan, Jiebo Luo "Towards Scalable Summarization of Consumer Videos Via Sparse Dictionary Selection", IEEE Trans. On Multimedia, v 14, n 1, p 66-75, February 2012

2. Baojie Fan, Yingkui Du, Yang Cong, Yandong Tang, "Active Drift Correction Template Tracking Algorithm", ICIP 2012, pp 397-400

3. Zhichao Lian, Meng Joo Er, Yang Cong, Local Line Derivative Pattern For Face Recognition, ICIP2012, pp 1449-1452

4. Bingfeng Li, Denglu Wu, Yang Cong, Yong Xia, Yandong Tang. A method of Insulator Detection from Video Sequence. Information Science and Engineering (ISISE), pp 386-389, 2012.

5. Liang Pan, Yang Cong, Mo Guan. A Computer-Aided Lesion Diagnose Method Based on Gastroscopeimage. In IEEE Conf. on Information and Automation (ICIA) 2012., p 871-875(EI: 20123915478445)

6. Lin, Lan; Cong, Yang; Tang, Yandong, Hand gesture recognition using RGB-D cues IEEE International Conference on Information and Automation, ICIA 2012, p 311-316 (20123915478368)

7. Cheng, Liying; Sun, Qi; Su, Han; Cong, Yang; Zhao, Shuying, Design and implementation of human-robot interactive demonstration system based on Kinect Proceedings of the 2012 24th Chinese Control and Decision Conference, CCDC 2012, p 971-975 (EI: 20124015483270)

8. Cheng, Liying; Xue, Dingyu; Cong, Yang; Jiang, Xuehui; Zhao, Shuying , The research of environment perception based on the cooperation of multi-robot, Proceedings of the 2012 24th Chinese Control and Decision Conference, CCDC 2012, p 1914-1919 (EI: 20124015483708)

2011 and before Publications

1. Yang Cong, Junsong Yuan, Ji Liu. "Sparse Reconstruction Cost for Abnormal Event Detection", IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), p3449-3456, 2011

2. Yang Cong, Haifeng Gong, Songchun Zhu, Yandong Tang "Flow Mosaicking: Real-time Pedestrian Counting without Scene-specific Learning", IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), p 1093-1100, 2009

3. Yang Cong, Xiaomao Li, Ji Liu, Yandong Tang "A Stairway Detection Algorithm based on Vision for UGV Stair climbing", 2008 IEEE International Conference On Networking, Sensing and Control(ICNSC), p1810-1815 (EI: 9940002)

4. Ji Liu, Yuechao Wang, Chuan Zhou, Yanfeng Geng, Yang Cong "A navigation simulation system of lunar rover" 2008 IEEE International Conference On Networking, Sensing and Control(ICNSC), P556-561 (EI: 9926389)

5. Ji Liu, Yang Cong, Yuechao Wang, Yandong Tang, "Lunar Terrain Reconstruction Based on PDEs Method", 2008 IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP). San Diego. (EI: 10423076)


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